Find Your Writer’s Voice class description

To register for the spring 2013 class, click here.

Over the course of this inspiring ten-week creative writing class, you’ll dive into writing, release blocks and fears, and unleash the natural flow of your creativity.  Along the way, you’ll discover your unique creative fingerprint, or what makes your natural writer’s voice unique—even if you haven’t written much before.

In-class activities will include guided and free writing exercises, playful activities for generating material, discussions about process, and the optional sharing of work in small and large groups.  You’ll learn how to develop creative intuition, find content in your own life, play with fact and fiction, and develop a regular writing practice.   We’ll even try our hands at a little poetry.

This course is guaranteed to be safe, supportive, and a lot of fun!  All are welcome, from beginners to more experienced writers.

NOTE: This class is an updated version of “The Intuitive Voice, Part I: Find Your Authentic Writer’s Voice,” which I taught in San Francisco for over ten years, beginning in 1995.  Many students have chosen to take the course more than once and have found new layers of meaning and growth each time.

To register for the spring 2013 class, click here.